10 healthy snacks for football

While Jogis boys kick the soccer World Cup on the grass, half of the Federal Republic gathers in front of the TV to cheer. No question is that football fans need enough nerve food with so much tension: Beer, chips and sweets are classics. Unfortunately, these snacks are often high calorie fattening. There are enough recipes to conjure healthy satirists and thirst quenchers as snacks. We present 10 healthy alternatives.

1. Flag skewers

Vegetable skewers are great as snacks for in between and can be put together quickly and easily according to taste. Simply cut cheese into cubes and use as base. Meat lovers can take sausages, meatballs or mini-sausages.

For the flag colors can also be chosen, which tastes good. For example, German fans can impale the national colors with black olives, red mini tomatoes and yellow peppers. If you prefer fruits, you can put together your national colors to your heart's content from fruits.

2nd flag snacks

Football fans - no matter which team - enjoy snacks with the favorite color of their team. Cover pumpernickel or wholewheat slices with butter or cream cheese and present the national colors of a country with vegetables. For blue colors, grapes can be taken.

3. Mozzarella footballs

Tasty mozarella snacks are always delicious. The mozzarella is sliced ​​and placed on a plate so that it is completely covered. Then the typical football pattern is laid with olives.

The use of mozzarella balls is even more beautiful, although more labor-intensive. However, this requires a sure instinct: The olives must be cut into several small hexagons, then carefully pressed into the mozzarella balls. The effort is worth it. Because these snacks are an eye-catcher for young and old and almost too good a meal.

4. Vegetable sticks and pretzels with Spundekäs

Vegetable sticks with delicious dips are popular for every occasion and a snack rich in vitamins. Quark or low-fat cream cheese can be used as a dip.

However, both ingredients can also be mixed into Spundekäs. Originally from northern Rheinhessen, this dish is ideal for dipping. The base of the Spundekäs are two pieces of cream cheese and three pieces of quark with a high cream level. Both are stirred to a homogeneous mass and then seasoned with pepper, salt and the sweet paprika powder. A few onion rings are traditionally added to it. Although Spundekäs is traditionally consumed with salt or pretzel pretzels, it is also suitable for dipping with vegetables.

5. Rooisbos ice tea

In South Africa, rooibos tea is considered a national drink. In fact, it can conjure up wonderfully refreshing iced tea. Brew about eight teaspoons of Rooibos tea with one liter of hot water and leave for 15 minutes. Then cool the tea with ice cubes and season with lemon juice and sugar. Depending on your preference, juices can be added after cooling to give the tea a fruity note.

6. Italian snack: bruschetta snacks

Not only in football, the Italians are successful, and their kitchen is popular all over the world. Bruschetta snacks are among the Italian antipasti, are delicious, healthy and ideal as a bite for the football evening.

For the spread four to five large tomatoes are cut into small cubes. Add six tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, eight tablespoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of water, a little salt, pepper and oregano. Four cloves of garlic are minced with the blender and also added to the tomato cubes. The mass is stirred and distributed on about two centimeters thick baguette slices. The breads are then baked in the oven for about 15 minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees.

7. For party mood: Rooisbos Campari cocktail

To trigger after the victory of the favorite team, this drink could further fuel the mood: As a basic ingredient, 0.6 liters Rooisbos tea is cooked, cooled and placed in a pot with ice cubes. Add 0.2 liters of mineral water and 0.1 liters of Campari.

The cocktail is served in glasses with crushed ice and papaya or orange as a decoration on the glass.

8. The healthy alternative: apple chips

If you do not want to give up chips, you can turn to this healthy alternative: apple chips. At least as tasty and the hip will be grateful.

For these snacks, two large, sourish apples are peeled and cut into very thin slices. The slices are then brushed with lemon juice and placed on a greased oven grate. This is then pushed into the oven preheated to 80 degrees and the apple slices dried there for one hour.

9. Not only in the cinema delicious: popcorn

What is delicious in the cinema, can not be wrong at the football evening. Popcorn is easy to make at home as a snack and has fewer calories than chips. The special popcorn corn can be bought in every supermarket.

In a large pot add about 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, so that the bottom of the pot is completely covered with oil. A tablespoon of sugar is stirred under the oil. Then so many corn kernels are added to the pot that two thirds of the pan bottom are covered with it. Then it says: cover on the pot, turn on the stove and wait until it pops. In between, it is recommended to shake the pot again and again and again and again, so that nothing burns. If there is more than one second between two pop noises, the pot is removed from the pan and the popcorn is ready. Alternatively, salty popcorn can be made as well.

10. Homemade fruit ice cream

For heated minds, ice cream is a delicious refreshment. A healthy variant can also be produced at home without much effort. For this purpose, frozen fruit (strawberries, wild berries or cherries) are powdered in a food processor, mixed with powdered sugar or sweetener and gradually whey or natural yoghurt until the ingredients combine to form creamy ice cream.

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