A strong whining and suddenly spread dramatic red patches in the handkerchief, on the pillow or T-shirt. But what looks threatening is almost always harmless - after all, as much as five milliliters of blood (a shot glass full) can turn a pale white handkerchief into a wet red.

Nasal mucosa: many small blood vessels

The mucous membrane in the nose is traversed by numerous small vessels, so that the flowing blood can heat the respiratory air. If suddenly blood comes out of one or both nostrils - technically referred to as epistaxis - is almost always a violation of the mucous membrane the cause.

At a point in the anterior part of the nasal septum (Locus Kieselbachii), many vessels are close to the surface, so they can be injured quite quickly. A piercing finger or heavy whining with a very dry mucous membrane, for example, after a cold, are already sufficient to start a bleeding.

Causes of nosebleeds

Violent action can also lead to nosebleeds: a fist blow or an accident resulting in a broken nose, a foreign body that has found its way into the nose through the childish urge to research.

Rare causes of frequent, fast triggering and / or severe nosebleeds are:

  • high blood pressure
  • certain vascular inflammations (vasculitis)
  • Coagulation disorders
  • a (hereditary) Osler disease

In the latter, there is an expansion of blood vessels (telangiectasia) and associated increased vulnerability.

In addition, there appears to be a familial susceptibility to develop nosebleeds even with low stimuli, without that a pathological cause can be found. This often shows in childhood - annoying, but not dangerous.

In phases again and again?

Many sufferers report that after nosebleeds the nose seems to be "irritated" and bleeding attacks occur in the days after. The explanation is simple: as with injuries to the skin, scabs also form, protecting the mucous membrane until the wound heals. This is not very resistant, so that even small stimuli are sufficient that the crust again breaks or tears.

In children, then already normal Rumtoben enough, in which the pressure in the vessels increases briefly, they also like to drill in the nose, to bob the Borken.

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