Whether trekking, hiking or Nordic walking - moving on foot in the wild is "trendy". For a good reason: hiking of any kind is proven to provide optimal physical, mental and emotional fitness. As a child we moved a lot, but going for a walk or even hiking with the parents did not usually cause much enthusiasm.

As adults, then in many of us at some point the desire to move in the wild will awaken again. In recent years, the good old hiking has been rediscovered - and packed with fresh English terms such as hiking as old wine in new tubes peppy. The younger generation is also enthusiastic about Alpine paths or the Way of St. James, often attracted by cool outfits and professional equipment. But even without much trapping, hiking is healthy and does just fine from head to toe.

Hiking sports

  • Hiking: (mountain) hiking
  • Mudflat-Hiking-Tour: Wattwanderung (which is indeed more like a waddswalk)
  • Hitch hiking: not a form of hiking, but hitchhiking
  • Trekking: tackle a longer stretch of luggage; Usually this means a tour that extends over several days in mostly rough terrain. Means of transport are not necessarily the feet, but can be, for example, bicycle, ski or canoe. Sometimes referred to as wilderness backpacking
  • Bush Walking: bush walk; Form of trekking on foot
  • Walking: go for a walk; Therefore also walking shoes (street shoes) and walking stick (walking stick)
  • Walking tour: (moderate) hike
  • Nordic Walking: fast walking, supported by two sticks

You can go hiking everywhere

In theory, you can hike anywhere, anytime. The nocturnal city with its urban canyons, green spaces and parks is just as suitable as the mountains of the Alps in the early morning. Nobody can talk out, have no opportunity for hiking.

Particularly suitable are areas with gradients and descents: Regular upward walking significantly lowers the cholesterol levels and by controlled downward walking in the muscle much more sugar is broken down than in normal walking. Of course, there are healthier trails than big city streets. And: Nature opens the senses! When you're out and about in the woods, in the heath or in the mountains, you can literally feel how your body and soul are being cleansed.

The tongue is apparently also cleaned up: a glass of fresh buttermilk, a ham sandwich or simply plain water - when resting in the open air you will notice that nature tastes good and smells good.

Hiking for the health

Exercising in the fresh air and in the silence of the forest is the most effective way to free oneself from emotional tensions and stress - over time, this calmness returns to us, the head is freed from stressful thoughts and we take the sensory impressions of nature better true. In addition, regular exercise significantly lowers blood pressure.

Hikes in higher regions often mean that you feel fit for days after the tour. One of the reasons for this is that the number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells increases.

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