He who has friends, lives healthier

If you have friends, you have a stronger immune system, a more stable psyche, and you get better soon after illnesses. If one believes current studies, four out of five Germans have close friends, on average about three. A network of stable, intense friendships helps to extend life significantly, because in difficult times, it's mostly friends who can help tackle problems and raise self-esteem. Those caught in the distress of friends usually get softer. For today it is no longer self-evident that there is always a life partner, parents or other family members in the immediate vicinity.

Ingredients for a long friendship

But what is the secret of a long, intense friendship? In a good mix of pleasant closeness and healthy distance. In that friends can talk about everything, have a basic understanding for each other and trust each other. Friendships are the second best relationships there are - after love relationships.

An intense friendship does not depend on how often you see yourself. Rather, there are "ideal vibrations" between friends, in short: harmony. You feel good together, treat each other honestly and respectfully, and you do not hurt your trust.

Studies show that in friendships like and equal: a similar social status, occupation, the age and the nature of humor play a role. But friendships must also be cultivated, because people do not stay the same, but change. Anyone who at some point only reminisces about old times may be displacing the present. He misjudges that his sandbox friend has long since moved inwardly - and wonders if he quietly says goodbye.

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